September 30
This was day 2 of our honeymoon. Day 1 was mostly spent driving on the Ohio Turnpike, so we didn't make many scenic stops. We woke up in Pennsylvania, and ended up in a tiny, beautiful town called White Haven. The leaves were beginning to change. We stopped at a farmer's stand, and continued onto Highway 209. We came upon a few old, abandoned houses and barns along the highway, and got out to walk around and take photos. The sun was shining through the golden leaves, which were scattering down from the trees. We continued driving through the mountains.
October 1
We woke up in Massachusetts, and started driving toward the ocean. We stopped at a beach in New Hampshire. The ocean was freezing! It was rainy, windy, and chilly, but Emily waded in it anyway. Once we had enough of the coldness, we continued driving up the beautiful coast. We reached Maine, and were immediately welcomed with a "Moose Crossing" sign.
October 2
We stayed in Brunswick, Maine, and continued up Highway 1 the next morning. We briefly stopped in Newcastle, before continuing on to visit a farm. The farm was closed, but along the way, we passed a field of Scottish Highland Cows. That evening, we stopped in Belfast, Maine to watch the sunset over the ocean. We saw a seal swimming through the water while we were on the dock.
October 3
We woke up in Brewer, Maine, in a very nautical themed hotel near Acadia National Park called Vactionland Inn. After breakfast of Maine blueberry waffles, we went out to a dead car battery. After we got our battery replaced, we drove through Acadia. We took a hike, then visited Seal Harbor and watched the tide start to come in (there were no seals to be seen, though). After dinner, we decided to take another short hike, where we are pretty certain we heard a moose in the distance.
October 4
We drove to Acadia's Schoodic Point. It was foggy, rainy, and misty. We climbed rocks by the ocean. We took a little side road that wasn't on the map and found an old, mossy cemetery. We visited Blueberry Hill, another rocky beach and climbed even bigger rocks.
October 5
We woke up early to go on a boat tour at Acadia National Park. It was really cold and rainy, and the tour was delayed for a few hours. So we hung out by the harbor as it began to clear up and had a picnic. We took the tour a few hours later, and saw seagulls, loons, eider ducks, seals, a porpoise, and bald eagles. Our boat stopped at Little Cranberry Island, where we got off and walked around. When the tour ended, we headed out of Acadia National Park. We ended up in Bucksport, Maine, and watched the sunset overlooking the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. We drove around that night, eagerly looking for moose.
October 6
We woke up in Brunswick, Maine, and decided that we wanted to see the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. We drove a bit back up the coast, where we stopped in Newcastle to walk around town. Then we continued on to Waldoboro, where we found a beautiful spot overlooking the mouth of a river delta. Afterwards, we went to an alpaca farm. We made it to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse just as is was getting dark, and watched the tide come in.
October 7
This day is when we started heading back south, toward home. We stopped at two beaches in Maine, where we collected stones and beach glass and looked at tide pools. We stopped at the ocean in New Hampshire for one last look before we started heading west, toward Vermont.
October 8
We drove a short distance through New Hampshire, when we came upon an old bridge over a river. We walked across the bridge, and realized that we were in Vermont. We continued through Vermont on Highway 9, a scenic road through the mountains, where we took in the changing leaves. We stopped along the way at shops for smoked Vermont cheddar cheese and maple candies.
We found a beautiful area, overlooking Harriman Reservoir, near Medburyville, Vermont. We stopped and had a picnic hung out for a long time. Emily built rock towers while I took photos. We found a wooded path further up the highway where we took a walk. Later down the road, near the border of New York, we found a strange old barn sitting on top of two silos.
October 9
This day was mainly spent driving. We drove through New York, and into Pennsylvania. We stopped in the mountains and walked around a bit near a scenic overlook.
October 10
We visited Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. Afterward, we visited Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania.
October 11
We visited Ohiopyle State Park a second time before heading back toward home. Overall we had a wonderful time on our Honeymoon. I hope we get to do another trip like this again soon.
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