This is a collection of music I've recorded and videos I have made. These range from paid projects, volunteer work, and personal projects featuring filmed demonstrations, advertisements, music videos, artsy pieces, multi-camera and multi-track recordings, and even a bit of animation.
As an introduction, music production consists of placing microphones to best capture the sound, recording that sound, then mixing the multiple tracks and takes together for balanced dimensional sound-space, then adjusting EQ and dynamics to polish it off. Video production adds the element of multiple cameras, setting up lighting, filming, editing, color grading, and putting it together into a final piece.
I mostly utilize digital cameras and multi-track audio interfaces in my processes but I enjoy  incorporating analog elements such as a reel to reel tape recorder for sound recording and a vintage video-tube camera for a unique aesthetic.
My preferred editing software is DaVinci Resolve for video and Ableton Live for audio, but I have also used Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, iMovie, Garageband, HandBreak, and OBS Studio.
Here is a collection of views from this springtime in Seattle, Washington. Think of it as moving photographs, there is no sound. All the shots were taken between mid February and the end of March of 2022. I used a mix of modern and vintage lenses. Edited and color graded in DaVinci Resolve.
Myself demonstrating the process of varnishing tintype photographs. Edited in iMovie.
"If it Hadn't Been for Love" — cover by Joe Hunter and Jason Willis
Three cameras on the first take, two cameras on the second take. Audio recorded to Zoom H4n with the first take. Two overdubs of spoons and shaker. Total five video tracks, and five audio tracks. Mixed and edited in Final Cut Pro.
This is a remastering project of a tape that was recorded in 1967 of my uncle's band "Modulus 7". The tape is technically a multi-track with only two tracks, the instruments on one and the vocals on the other intended to be mixed to mono. The two never meshed well and it sounded thin with a lot of hiss. I transferred the tape at 96k, 24bit to capture all the detail, then in Ableton Live, I cleaned it up, narrowed the stereo image without summing it to mono, then did lots of EQ to bring out the clarity and instrument separation. I balanced the vocals within the music utilizing dynamics compression and manual fading. I surprised both myself and my family with the results of the songs they hadn't heard in many years. 
Below I have an example of the before and after so you can hear the difference. Along with three complete songs from the tape.

This is a promotional video produced for TruTech demonstrating what their new device can measure. I utilized studio lighting, stop-motion animation, and video to put this together per their needs. Stop motion photographs were edited in Adobe Camera Raw, animation was compiled and edited in Adobe Photoshop and the final was composited in iMovie. I also produced print ads and photographs of their products for their website while working for TruTech that can been seen in my Commercial Photography portfolio.

This kinetic type project was animated in Adobe After Effects. Despite not considering myself an animator, I feel this is an example of how I can sit down with a new application and learn it fairly quickly to create something worthwhile and well done.

"Travelers Song" — by Emily Buchler (myself on percussion)
I produced this in Ableton Live, recording each mic through a multi track interface. The mandolin was recorded with two SM57s in an X-Y pattern, the drum was recorded at the same time miked on the top and the bottom. Separate overdubs were added of guitar, bass, and a shaker all with a single SM57 or AT-2020. In the screen capture, as I click through each track, you can see EQ on the mandolin, dynamics compression and EQ applied to the top of the drum top, a long reverb added only to the shaker, and a gentle reverb added to the whole mix, and finally a limiter on the master track.

"(Oh How) She Flies" —  demo by Corinne Bahia
visit Corinne Bahia's Bandcamp
I recorded this original piece in two parts, first the grand piano was recorded with two SM57 mics in
an X-Y pattern a distance above the strings to capture some room acoustics. Using a SM58 mic, we dubbed the vocals paying close attention to mic placement to capture the natural acoustics in the hall. The three tracks were then mixed in Ableton Live.

This is an experimental video I shot to test out a new, vintage camera. I enjoy incorporating vintage equipment into a modern project to create a unique aesthetic. The camera is from 1982 and uses a Trinicon video-tube rather than a modern CCD Sensor. Video tubes react to light much differently, creating unique effects. I captured the video directly to a computer in 10bit-ProRes to allow for color grading. First I de-interlaced the video, then edited and color graded in DaVinci Resolve.

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