An old picture of me in the redwood forest.
I am an artist focusing in photographic mediums. I enjoy utilizing subtlety in color and tonality to portray the depth of feelings that come from observing and interacting with this beautiful world.
Hello, my name is Shel Buchler (she/they). I am an artist and photographer in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I  specialize in portraits, tintype, nature, and product photography. I particularly enjoy making photographs that require much attention to detail, with lots of thought and planning to create. This has drawn me to the antique photographic process of tintype photography, where every part of the process must be attended to with careful precision. Lighting, color, composition, and subject matter are all very important to my process. Whether I'm working with tintype, film, or digital photography, I go to lengths to make sure that each aspect is as I imagine it should be. 
Closeups of nature, still-lives, and photographs of my life are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. I often carry my camera and a few small lenses with me on my walks, as I find that you never know when a beautiful scene will reveal itself to you. The sky with all its colors, whether vibrant or subtle, is something that often amazes me. In addition to digital and tintype photography, I also shoot 35mm and 4x5 film and enjoy developing and printing my own black and white photographs.
I love to create for myself, but I have extensive experience producing work for commercial projects. I am available for hire for traditional or creative portraits, tintype portraits, product photography, architectural photography, and other creative photographic endeavors. I also pride myself on color accuracy for art reproduction photography and print preparation. 
Examples of my photography can be seen in my portfolio. 
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